As an engineering firm for more than 25 years, we have a long history with TRICON. When we need financing or a loan for expansion, TRICON has always offered honest terms and very good rates. Great company. I would highly recommend.

H. Jacobs (Engineering Firm)

We worked with TRICON as a direct lender for many years in various markets of oil, gas, co-generation and other commercial lending projects. Deals often would run into $10’s of million. Their expertise and professionalism is rare in today’s market. We highly recommend TRICON.

R. Graves (Energy Industry)

I called several companies and all required home ownership. I was at my wits end. Finally saw an ad and called TRICON. They were able to approve deal for $49,690 in just under 2 hours. Their truck program is unbelievable.

K. Davis(Truck Program)

As a 501C3 non-profit, we came to Tricon for help to understand how leasing and structured business loans work for charities and other non-profits.Through our association with TRICON we have in place a low cost discounting program which we can now refer our clients.

L. Cheek (Non-Profit Firm)

I am a start-up business who came to TRICON to lease a medical laser for skin and dermatology use. Though my credit was less than perfect, TRICON approved deal in 1 hour under their $100,000 app only program.

W. Polo(Medical Laser firm)

Tricon is the first choice for business financing & loans.

Vendor Financing

To offer equipment for sale without an actual monthly payment is suicidal in todays economy. It represents good news for your competition. Why? A borrower is likely to continue looking for others selling the same or similar product that can also fill their need. However in search of the equipment they will be drawn to the supplier that also has a lease financing program in place for which they could easily qualify. A lessee or customer often needs help in their buying process. You must give them a reason why your product or service is affordable. TRICON is your answer. By instituting lease financing as a tool, you make your equipment more attractive for those who cannot afford it from company cash. Here’s our solution which you could employ. Offer through TRICON our No money down financing program. This will help you to sell on average 25 to 40% more in equipment. You will close deals that would otherwise lay dormant. As a leader in the field of equipment financing and leasing, TRICON can assist you with your customers and help you win sales. We offer vendors or suppliers of the equipment the capability to receive payment up front, often 100% of the equipment cost can be authorized and wired to your account within 1 business day. If 100% is not needed, of course we can progress pay orders varying from 25 to 75%. So why are you not sending your transaction to TRICON? Got a deal, lets talk?

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