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Transportation Equipment Financing & Leasing



Transportation Equipment Financing & Leasing

Tricon has broad equipment leasing programs dealing with the transportation industry and offering 100% financing, NoMoneyDown. We offer application only financing up to $250,000and usually without a need to see financial data like corporate tax returns or other personal information. We hope for a personal bureau score of at least 640, else a down-payment of up to 40% may be required. Our minimum financing is $25,000and the equipment cannot be over 5 years old. We require the corporate bank account to have minimum monthly deposits of $25,000 for the last 3 consecutive months. For higher approvals or increased lines-of-credit, we will request other items as needed once your application is received.

For security reasons and for fraud prevention our normal request for processing application are to receive additionally a copy signer's driver license, a void company check and 3 months bank statements. You will receive an email request for this information. Thank you for understanding and appreciating these protocols. They are meant for your protection as well.

TRICON LEASING is “Judged as the 1st-Choice in Equipment Financing and Leasing”

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