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The critical issues governing a likely approval are: a hauling reference to assure us that the truck/trailer will have immediate work, secondly a bank reference of the last 3 months provided by your last three months banking statement summary pages, thirdly invoice or quotation on the piece(s) of equipment, and lastly we do evaluate personal credit. All of these four are weighed for a determination toward approving a transaction. Titled equipment is more approved because of the very nature that it is good collateral. Because of our very unique program for approving nearly 100% of all transportation deals, you have very little chance of not being approved in your submission. But in the rare instance if you are – then its nice and comforting to know that you are protected under our Refund Guarantee. In a decline we will clearly explain the issue and offer suggestions to clear up erroneous data. Once done, TRICON will allow a free re-submission of the application. If the approval given is not satisfactory for any reason and you wish to cancel, TRICON will issue you a reduced refund of $170. The remaining will go toward helping defray some incurred expenses. We believe this is the most thorough and complete offering made by any FINANCIAL based leasing entity. Thank you for considering TRICON for your titled equipment purchases.