As an engineering firm for more than 25 years, we have a long history with TRICON. When we need financing or a loan for expansion, TRICON has always offered honest terms and very good rates. Great company. I would highly recommend.

H. Jacobs (Engineering Firm)

We worked with TRICON as a direct lender for many years in various markets of oil, gas, co-generation and other commercial lending projects. Deals often would run into $10’s of million. Their expertise and professionalism is rare in today’s market. We highly recommend TRICON.

R. Graves (Energy Industry)

I called several companies and all required home ownership. I was at my wits end. Finally saw an ad and called TRICON. They were able to approve deal for $49,690 in just under 2 hours. Their truck program is unbelievable.

K. Davis(Truck Program)

As a 501C3 non-profit, we came to Tricon for help to understand how leasing and structured business loans work for charities and other non-profits.Through our association with TRICON we have in place a low cost discounting program which we can now refer our clients.

L. Cheek (Non-Profit Firm)

I am a start-up business who came to TRICON to lease a medical laser for skin and dermatology use. Though my credit was less than perfect, TRICON approved deal in 1 hour under their $100,000 app only program.

W. Polo(Medical Laser firm)

Tricon is the first choice for business financing & loans.

Why should you need a business loan? It can be for a variety of purposes. You might want to buy up a smaller company to facilitate your operations. It can be for a new technology that speeds up work activities. You might want to open up a new branch to expand your business. Your existing office needs a redo or existing technologies have to be upgraded or replaced. In all such situations, taking a loan is the best way to get the finance needed to carry out your decisions.

How Can A Loan Help Out Your Business?

You can get commercial loan at every attractive interest rate. Use the loan to carry out activities, operations and other things that are needed to stay ahead in the market. Do not let the need for money stop you from taking those decisions that can make your business more successful. At times, buying a new technology can revolutionize your work place. In such a situation, a commercial loan can assist you tremendously. It will give the finance needed quickly so that you can implement your business ideas and expand your business.

Smart Business Loan

A Commercial Loan Can Save Money

When you opt for a loan, you can show it for tax deductions and save on your annual income tax through it. The loan can also save on finances in other ways. You don’t have to use existing funds to buy something that can cost a lot. Repayment can be done slowly so that your finances are not affected. You can keep your business afloat and do the things you want but without anything bringing down your finances.

How To Find The Best Lender?

Getting a commercial loan is easy. There are many lenders offering a very attractive interest rate. Look for a lender offering a good repayment schedule so that paying back the loan is not difficult. The lender should have a quick loan approval process, so that you don’t spend a lot of time and energy in the task.

Use A Business Loan To Keep Your Company Ahead In The Market

Many small businesses need funds urgently to implement a business plan that can help them capture customers, serve people better, give more optimal service and so on. Business loans are designed to take care of such financial needs. If your company needs such finance apply for a loan right away so that you can carry out your plan smoothly and get the returns you expect.